We are extremely proud to celebrate the release of our Debut EP “The Space Between”!!!

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“Die fünf jungen Berliner lösen ihre Aufgabe mit gehärtetem Blues Rock und Queens of the Stone Age-Momenten zur lautstark applaudierenden Zufriedenheit der Hamburger.”

-> Metal Hammer Magazin Aug18 (DE)

Bubba Ho-Tep hopped in the last minute to deliver the fans a dynamic show. This formation from Berlin describes their style as a harmony of classic rock, stoner, country and blues. We could see that maybe most of the audience haven’t been familiar with them but the band delivered a very nice mix of those genres. It wasn’t a full ‘stoner’ or a full ‘rock’n’roll’ show; the styles were connected to each other very well with the vocals & instruments sharing the spotlight in different times.[…] One highlight of the show was the bass player’s never ending energy! […] this was a perfect moment for the bassist to just lose it and rock’n’roll. His performance stood out in general as well; the bass elements definitely formed the essence of the band’s performance and caught my attention the most. […]”

-> Tempelores Concert Review